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Directioners help! We were on our way to see One Direction when the rented van holding ten people in our group blew both tires and flipped one and a half times! It was terrifying we didn’t know just what condition we would be pulling our friends and loved ones from the car! Our beautiful Naveen Dajani was expecting to see her favorite band for her 9th birthday but instead she recieved 150 stitches to her left arm! And spent her birthday in the hospital! A total of 13 of us were expecting to be at an amazing show but instead spent the night in the hospital watching friends and loved ones go in and out of surgery! I’m begging you! Please help us get the word out by tweeting and posting #NaveenLove in the hopes The band themselves may potentially see it and hopefully we can give this girl an experience to make up for her nightmare of a birthday!


All this Shane Dawson smack isn’t even worth anything, Shane isn’t a bad person nor is he encouraging anything wrong. He is just a person who wants to make people laugh and smile in his videos, sure some of them are a little on the boarder line but he still does it out of good intention to have all his viewers laugh for once out of their shitty day. I don’t care what anyone is saying about him I still love Shane Dawson.


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